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How Our Product Works 

The automated Asher Backing Dog is a curtail training tool for field work that will take your dog's skills to new heights! This innovative device is specially designed to simulate a lead dog on point, making it perfect for teaching your dog to honor the point while enhancing its steadiness and obedience.

Gone are the days of struggling with complicated training methods. The Backing Dog offers an easy-to-use design that will become an important tool during training sessions. Whether you are a seasoned trainer or a beginner, this tool will revolutionize the way you train your dog in the field.

This backing dog will help train your dog in flawlessly backing the point, impressing everyone around with its discipline and precision. With the Backing Dog. Say goodbye to mediocre training sessions and welcome a new era of excellence in your dog's skills.


  • Construction – Aluminum

  • Weight -15 LBs

  • Range – 300 yards with no obstacles. (This will be reduced with cover)

  • Coating - Powder coat paint

  • Included with unit - Handheld transmitter, antenna, battery and charger

How To Assemble 

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